Curriculum Vitae

Born in Ipswich (UK), I studied the organ, the piano and the flute at Gresham's School in Norfolk (UK), won a choral scholarship to Magdalen College, Oxford where I read English Literature and Language and French Classical Drama and sang the daily office of evensong in the chapel choir under the direction of Dr Bernard Rose, as well as performing one or two recitals and taking minor roles in a number of operas.

At the conclusion of my formal education (M.A. Oxon) I became successively Organist of the Basilica Minor of Notre-Dame at Nice in southern France, and assistant Director of Music of a choir school at nearby Grasse, training boys for a concert choir and for productions in the opera houses in Nice, Nimes, Monte-Carlo, Lyons and Paris.

Since the early 70s I have spent part of every year in art galleries, libraries and archaeological sites all over Europe in pursuit of a private passion for painting and sculpture. Since 1996 I have consequently worked regularly as a freelance lecturer in cultural history to Fine Arts Societies, History Societies and similar clubs and groups in England and France, and have led cultural tours throughout Europe and beyond, specialising in Art, History, Architecture and the Classics as well as Music.

I was heavily involved in the life of Portsmouth Cathedral where I sang in the Cathedral Choir, going on to St Chad's College, Durham where I read theology.
As well as music, I was epecially interested in the links between theology and the architectiure of the buildings of the christian world and the way changes in theological thought might be refelected in the architectural styles used, as well as the art used to decorate them.

On graduating I went to Nice in southern France, working for a year as lay assistant to the Anglican priest there, and during that time, by chance, became involved in cultural tourism, a career I have followed ever since.

I expanded my studies of religious architecture beyond the christian world, to the early developments of monumental architecture in early Islam, and to the temple designs of Buddhism and Hinduism in Asia.

I have also studied the use of fresco, glass and painting from the classical times of Greece and Rome to the art movements of the 20th century.